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Our Wall System is the perfect solution to garage organization challenges.  With the many color choices and accessory options, you can have a place for everything and transform your garage.  As your needs change, the flexibility of the system allows you to move or add wall accessories.

The options are limitless!


The base of our wall system is slat wall:


  • Manufactured in the US

  • Strong and durable with a maximum weight load of 100 lbs./ft

  • Flame retardant rating of 94 V-O

  • Patented tongue and groove lock system provide a seamless look while providing secure fit between panels.

  • Water and moisture resistant

  • Easy to clean with a smooth satin finish.

  • Scratch resistant, surface scratches less noticeable due to color pigment through the entire product.

  • Color-coordinated trim for a finished look

  • Easily applied over finished or unfinished walls, with insulation beneath if desired

  • Flexible layout can cover an entire wall, portion of a wall or in 12” high strips.

  • Color strips allow the installation screws to be hidden or add a pop of color as an accent to vehicles or garage floor system.

Gray slatwall
Variety of slatwall colors
Maple slatwall
White slatwall

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