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Static overhead garage storage
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Do you need more organization and storage space in your garage – just look up! Your garage
ceiling, including the bonus space between the garage door tracks, is a great place to add
storage options to free up valuable floor space for parking.
Potomac Garage Solutions offers both stationary overhead storage units and motorized
overhead storage units.
The stationary storage racks are available in nine sizes – 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 3x4, 3x6, 3x8, 4x4, 4x6
and 4x8 with various height adjustments from the ceiling.
There are other specialty overhead options available to store challenging items like ladders,
surfboards, lumber, storage totes, pool and hot tub covers.
If you need overhead storage options without climbing on a ladder, the motorized overhead
storage units are a great option.
Electric overhead storage racks are available in 3x8 and 4x8 and include safety netting to keep
your items safely on the rack. These can be controlled with a wall-mounted control box or
wireless remote control.
Potomac Garage Solutions also offers the latest in technology with the Bluetooth enabled and
app controlled electric hoist. These overhead storage units are offered in several different
configurations and can be used to store bikes, vehicle hard tops, water & snow sports
equipment, vehicle cargo carriers, golf equipment and more! The app allows the user to have
precise control over the speed and upper and lower limits of the hoist.


Let one of our designers show you how to make the most of your garage ceiling space with our
overhead storage units. 

For a free estimate from one of expert designers, contact us by phone click on the link to schedule an appointment.

Tire racks and bikes overhead storage
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