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PGSsignaturecabinets black cabinet set
PGSsignaturecabinets black cabinet set
PGSsignaturecabinets blue storage lockers
PGS signature silver small.jpg
PGSsignaturecabinets silver cabinet set
PGSsignaturecabinets red storage lockers

Set yourself apart by making a statement with our exclusive high-end aesthetic garage cabinets featuring powder coated frames and panels as well as a finished interior. PGS Signature Line garage cabinets are durable, heavy duty 18-gauge, powder-coated steel cabinets. Our cabinets are structurally sound, well-built and cleverly designed. The garage cabinets are designed to perfectly fit the residential garage yet sturdy enough to handle auto repair shops needs and provide storage for industrial sites.

Our cabinets offer an attractive and affordable way to organize your workspace for parts storage, tool cart overflow, or creating easily accessible storage in a work area. PGS Signature Line cabinets are modular and can be configured to suit your storage needs. Top your base cabinets with stainless steel or wood worktops to finish the look. The cabinets are structurally designed to handle heavy loading when wall mounted.


Wall mounting is the preferred method for the following reasons:

  • Wall mounted cabinets have a cleaner look and a more professional appearance.

  • Cabinets can be set on or above a protruding foundation and fastened flush to the wall, leaving no gaps behind cabinets.

  • Eliminates different leg lengths for cabinets installed along the walls with a sloping garage floor.

  • Easier to clean underneath cabinets - no legs to accumulate dust and debris.

  • Better access for finding and retrieving items that roll underneath cabinets.

  • Space underneath cabinets can be used to store longer items such as conduit, PVC pipes, and lumber.


  • Solid 1.2mm - 18 Gauge Steel

  • Durable Powder Coated solid finish available in 4 color choices

  • Scratch and Stain Resistant

  • Lockable storage and tool base units

  • Wall-mount ready

  • Extra-large storage Units – up to W48, H81, D24

  • Reinforced Shelving

  • 4 fully adjustable shelfs in every storage locker

  • Fully adjustable slide out shelf in base units

  • Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Slides

  • Weight capacity of 1,000 pounds

Let our designers help you select the right storage options to organize your garage.

Contact us by phone or click on the free estimate link to get an appointment scheduled.

Interested in financing your project? Click on the link for more information.

PGSsignaturecabinets black tool storage
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