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1 post car parking lift with Lambo
Dual 4 post parking lift outside view
Dual 4 post parking lift inside view
1 post car parking lift with Mustang
1 post car parking lift with Porsch

Want to park an extra car in your garage or need more floor space? A parking lift could be your answer. Our master garage professionals provide industry leading garage lifts that are commercial grade and designed for most garage-kept vehicles. We offer both custom-tailored car parking lifts and SUV lifts designed to accommodate an expansive array of vehicles including sedans, crossovers, sport utility vehicles, collector cars, exotic vehicles and more. At Potomac Garage Solutions, we work tirelessly, use expert installation methods and state-of-the-art materials to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with the overall outcome of their project.

Our garage lifts are made of double wall steel construction with commercial grade hydraulic cylinders with lifting capacities starting at 6000-pound. We install the lifts on a standard 8-foot parking space, while ensuring easy vehicle-door access. All of our garage lifts have a safety lock mechanism that automatically engages when the garage lift is raised. Our garage lifts are single and dual-post designed with both standard and wide platforms available with adjustable platform height locking positions.


Contact us by phone click on the free estimate link to schedule an appointment and find out which parking lift is right for you.

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