Garage Workbenches – Bamboo or Stainless Steel

With plenty of space to work with, our Workbenches are equipped with tons of features to create an efficient and versatile working environment. Powerbar mounting, a tablet stand, an organization tray for your tools, adjustable leveling feet, and a choice of either a stainless steel or bamboo worktop to complete your workstation.

work bench sizes bamboo wood top


  • Weight capacity of 2,000 Lbs
  • 6 outlet powerbar with a 6′ cord for front or side mounting
  • Tablet stand
  • Adjustable leveling feet
  • 4″ x 2″ deep steel organization tray along entire length of workbench
  • 1-1/4″ thick worktops: Bamboo or stainless steel options
work bench sizes metal top

Fit for any space

work bench 4

Workbenches are versatile work stations. Whether in the office, kitchen or garage, workbenches offer an ideal work surface for your creative projects. Workbenches are available in three sizes: 48 inches, 72 inches and 96 inches – perfect for fitting your space.

Handy organization tray

Keep tools and smaller items within reach while you work on your project. With an organization tray, standard on our Workbenches, you can sit and rotate large items on the worktop without having to remove everything. The tray is 4” wide by 2” deep, and is mounted along the entire length of the Workbench. It also features handy cutouts for tool organization and movable dividers to organize your power tools, hand tools and smaller items.

Included Tablet stand

work bench 3

Stay connected while working on your project, with our Tablet stand – built-in to the organization tray. This sturdy steel stand is movable and can be repositioned anywhere along the length of the tray. The stand locks in place to secure your electronic devices, and accommodates 7 to 10 inch screens to easily hold any current tablet.

Power bar for your power tools

work bench 2 - electrical outlets

Say goodbye to messy cables on the floor and power cords taking up space on your work surface. Our heavy-duty Workbenches come equipped with a 6-outlet power bar and 6’ cord.

Power bar mounting options

Whichever room you work in, it’s essential that your power bar is within reach. That’s why our Workbenches feature front or side mounting options with a convenient cutout to tuck away the cord out of sight and harm’s way.

Reinforced perimeter frame

All of our Workbenches are built with a reinforced perimeter frame that adds more rigidity and strength to the worktop. The reinforced frame accommodates clamps and provides a convenient mounting surface for the power bar.

Sleek worktop options

work bench 5 - steel wood

Beautifully machined and finished, our bamboo worktops provide a stylish, classic work surface. You can also choose a stainless steel worktop for a sleek and resilient finish. Worktops are made 1 1/4” thick for long-lasting durability.

Adjustable leveling feet

work bench 6 - feet

Our Workbenches come with adjustable leveling legs to compensate uneven floors and provide a level work surface. Adjust the leveling height to its maximum setting to fit our Bold Cabinets for a work station with additional storage.

Workbench Sizes

96″ Workbench
96″L x 24”W x 36”H

72″ Workbench
72″L x 24”W x 36”H

48″ Workbench
48″L x 24”W x 36”H

Workbench Placement

The best location for your work area usually depends on the size of your garage. When choosing a spot for your work surface, be sure to look for:

  1. Good lighting
  2. Room to work
  3. Access to electrical outlets

One Car Garage

In a small garage, placing your work surface on the side is usually the best option.

Two Car Garage

In the average two-car garage, the back wall is the ideal place for your work surface.

Three Car Garage

Three-car garages often allow you to arrange work surfaces In an L shape formation. This creates a highly functional work area.

Large Garages

Large garages often provide enough room for any number of possible work surface placements, although a long row of back wall workbenches is often the best solution.