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Gladiator Workbenches


Gladiator 66.5"
Bamboo Modular Workbench


Gladiator 73"
Bamboo Modular Workbench


Gladiator Adjustable Height
4 ft. Maple Workbench


Gladiator Adjustable Height
4 ft. Bamboo Workbench


Gladiator Adjustable Height
6 ft. Maple Workbench


Gladiator Adjustable Height
6 ft. Bamboo Workbench


Gladiator Adjustable Height
8 ft. Maple Workbench


Gladiator Adjustable Height
8 ft. Bamboo Workbench


Gladiator 6 ft. Modular Workbench



The best location for your work area usually depends on the size of your garage. When choosing a spot for your work surface, be sure to look for:
1. Good lighting
2. Room to work
3. Access to electrical outlets

One Car Garage

In a small garage, placing your work surface on the side is usually the best option.

Two Car Garage

In the average two-car garage, the back wall is the ideal place for your work surface.

Three Car Garage

Three-car garages often allow you to arrange work surfaces In an L shape formation. This creates a highly functional work area.

Large Garages

Large garages often provide enough room for any number of possible work surface placements, although a long row of back wall workbenches is often the best solution.


For many, a good work surface is an essential part of the garage. Choosing the surface that suits you best guarantees you’ll always have a solid foundation to build upon.

What work surface do You need?

Bamboo Workbenches

66.5" Bamboo Modular Workbench

Get strength and durability from one of nature's finest renewable materials. Gladiator's 66.5" and 73" Bamboo Modular Workbenches provide a dependable work surface for all types of garage projects. Dock up to two Gladiator® Ready-To-Assemble modules, with or without optional casters installed, underneath these Bamboo Modular Workbenches and create a complete work station. The heavy-duty tubular steel legs with angle brackets ensure stability while the leveler legs compensate for uneven floors.

Height Adjustable Workbench  

Height-Adjustable 4 ft., 6 ft.
and 8 ft. Maple Top Workbenches

The new height-adjustable maple top workbenches combines the heft of a traditional workbench with the versatility of an office product. With 15 different height levels, these adjustable workbenches are always the perfect fit; a desk from kindergarten to college or a project table that works whether you are working close to the ground or in a standing position.

Height Adjustable Workbench  

Height-Adjustable 4 ft., 6 ft.
and 8 ft. Bamboo Top Workbenches

The new adjustable height bamboo top workbenches combine the heft of a traditional workbench with the versatility of an office product. With 15 different height levels, the adjustable workbench is always the perfect fit. Easily adjusts whether you are working closer to the ground, at a traditional seated height or in a standing position.
Fold-Away Workstation  

6 ft. Modular Workbench

The large 6 ft. wide solid hard maple work surface with space to dock up to two Gladiator modules underneath sets this workbench apart from a typical workbench. The heavy-duty steel frame provides support for the 1-3/4" thick top and is equipped with leg levelers to accommodate uneven floors. Add the optional backsplash with integrated electrical outlets to further enhance your workspace.


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