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Also referred to as a “mantuary” and similar to the meaning of the out-of-date term “bachelor pad”, a man cave now indicates an enclosed area in which a man can relax, hang out with friends and engage in activities commonly associated with men. A man cave is usually a converted garage, attic or spare bedroom that may contain cable TV, a sound system, video game consoles, a recliner, a small refrigerator and hobby accessories. Decorative items are minimally present in a man cave and frequently consists of sports posters or neon bar signs.

Man caves are associated with married men who need a place they can entirely call their own. Because women are usually in control of a home's interior appearance, some men may feel the urge to just “be a man” and retire to a retreat that reflects his individuality and personal tastes. In addition, dwelling in a man cave allows a man to be sloppy, wear dirty clothes and engage in activities some women find unsuitable around the children.

Turning a Garage into a Man Cave
Garages make great places for man caves because men can escape to a remodeled garage and be themselves for hours without leaving the home. This can prevent squabbling with wives or girlfriends who worry about where a man is or what he is doing when leaving the home for a little “me-time”.
Transforming a garage into a decent man cave is not difficult nor is it expensive. However, since most garages are cluttered, disorganized, neglected areas that everyone avoids, the time spent actually preparing the garage for the renovation may take longer than the renovation itself.
Start by organizing the garage. Throw away all unnecessary items or sell them in a garage sale. Hire a professional garage remodeling company to install wall cabinets in which to store tools and gardening items. De-cluttering the garage floor often reveals a large amount of space a homeowner never knew existed and makes the process of renovating much easier to imagine.
For larger items that need to remain in the garage, Potomac Garage also provides ceiling storage solutions accommodating storage of sports equipment, swimming accessories such as large rafts and inner tubes and even lawnmowers when they are not in use. Most people do not realize how much space is available near the ceiling and how easy it is to access items stored in electronically controlled ceiling storage racks.
Cement garage floors can be covered with comfortable rubbers tiles that remain securely in place by a system of interlocking edges. These easy to clean tiles also insulate the garage by keeping dampness and cold from seeping through the floor and affecting the garage's temperature.
Once the garage is organized and has a new floor, men can now start moving in their man-cave furniture. Second-hand sofas and chairs, coffee tables or even an old patio set make great guest accommodations for times when men feel sociable and want to bond with their buddies.

One of the most important items in a man-cave is the refrigerator, which should be large enough to hold the man's favorite drinks, food and fishing bait. Potomac has rugged and dependable garage appliances such as refrigerators resistant to extreme heat and even trash compactors to appease wives or girlfriends who may be worried about the possibility of the garage/man-cave turning into a landfill.

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